Daily Brain Care Reviews

05/27/2022 -Simply the best
This product is amazing!!!! My mom was going thru severe depression for several months, her psychiatrist suggested she to try this magic powder and after 30 days she started to feel much more animated. She is now feeling incredible and continues taking the powder 2 times a day. I highly recommend this magic powder.
Mo ~ Miami, FL

02/22/2022 - Life changer

My son is doing very well. Conventional medication has been reduced. He takes Daily Brain Care and Camelina Sun's Whole Omega. In general, he is doing very well. Very happy with the product. Thank you!
Yohanna ~ Miami, FL

02/14/2022 - Great For Concentration

Ever since I started taking Daily Brain Care, I've been more attentive in my classes. It really helps me concentrate on what I'm doing; before I would get very distracted easily. Now I feel as though I can hold my attention for a longer period of time. As a result, I’ve gotten better grades in coll
Cat ~ Miami, FL

01/27/2022 - Daily Brain Care Review

I’ve been competing and training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and kickboxing for many years. I have always kept a very active lifestyle. In the recent years I have noticed a decline in mental energy. I attributed it to age and the injuries sustained in my sport of choice, ie, hits to the head. I noticed a pattern of of easily becoming aggravated for things I would never have thought of twice. I am a strong disbeliever of most supplements. So after the advice of a friend that has also been in dynamic sports, uses Daily Brain Care, and has treated many combat athletes physical injuries (physical therapist) I decided to give it a shot. My wife was the first to notice, followed by my children. Less frustration overall at the 2-month mark. By the third month, cravings I had acquired slowly disappeared. Those late-night sugar cravings, were the first to go. I continue the product daily. I’ve read the science, read about Dr Lewis, and his life’s work in neuroscience, and heard his Ted talks and for once I can say this is the real deal. I’ve recommended it to students and friends. This is one supplement that I will continue to use.
Ray ~ Miami, FL

01/25/2022 - Real Brain food

Get on your A game mentally. If you want to be a click above everyone else in the room, take Daily Brain Care and then you’ll know how I feel. If it can help a 70 year old, then think what it can do for you.
RAD ~, Baton Rouge, LA

01/12/2022 - Daily Brain Care

This product has changed my life. I give it 5 stars! It has completely helped my memory in 3 months. There is nothing on the market like it. My energy levels are also much better. I recommend this to anyone with some memory issues. Dr. Lewis ' Daily Brain Care is a game changer ....

Tiffany KH ~ Miami, FL

01/05/2022 - This product is amazing!
I have been using Dr. Lewis' product for about 6 months now. Benefits to my overall health are very noticeable. I sleep better, my memory has improved. On the physical level, my hair and nails are the healthiest they ever been. I have a multi-nodular goiter, I had a sonogram done December 2021 and the nodules have reduced.

Mercy ~ Miami, FL

12/07/2021 -Recommend highly

After the recommendation of my Psychiatrist and quite a bit of research, I started taking a daily dose of the product nearly five months ago. I felt a marked improvement in alertness, both cognitive and physical within the first sixty days. I feel better, I have a better quality of life, and with a PD diagnosis what else can one ask for? Ever thankful to Dr Lewis and colleagues for their foresight and perseverance. I will definitely continue to buy and use daily the product.

CKS ~ Miami, FL

12/06/2021 -Best purchase eve
I suffered from a stroke due to mercury poison, and all my immune system was compromise and the damage in brain cells had me on a very weak physical , emotional and mentally condition , I started to take this product and certainly it amazing the improvements in no more than 1 month using it daily , the Heath of my brain it is noticeable daily and my general health state it is improving every single day , I was an a very complicated 10 years of bad health condition , and now I am not there anymore , since insomnia , abs , stroke , muscular issues, numbness on my face , all my right side was compromised before and after the stroke , etc etc etc , this product had helped me on every single aspect of my health problems , this is magic , it is a God present to humanity for the ones that are in need of better health and for prevention as well
Nicolas ~ Miami, FL

11/30/2021 -Daily Brain Care - I'm Just More With It
After a lot of research, and the recommendation of my trusted Psychiatrist, I just finished my first tub. I am finally "with it" and the COVID pandemic anxiety and brain fog just seem to be fading away. I truly believe it is this product as nothing else has been altered. I just bought two more tubs!
Sunny ~ Miami, FL

11/21/2021 -Excellent product for our daughter and for us!

I bought the Daily Brain care thinking of my daughter. She is 20 years old and diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety. This product has been a blessing for her and for us. She started focusing and being more focused in just 2 weeks since she started taking it. My husband and I saw the difference when she started doing more things by herself and being concentrated for more time on her studies. Now, she is more independent, she helps at home with chores, and she's also shining at College! My husband and I are so happy with her progress, that we decided to take the Daily Brain Care for us too! We just started and we are already feeling awesome!
Ammarr ~ Miami, FL

11/20/2021 -Finally back to normal

My psychiatrist referred me to Dr. Lewis to improve my nutrition and overall health. He introduced me to Daily Brain Care and the first day I took it I felt an immediate sense of calm, clarity and well-being. Due to my illness my hips were damaged and I was limping around the house for many months. Once my brain started feeling better my hips started to heal rapidly. Within a few weeks I was walking almost normal and a few weeks after that I started jogging again. It’s been a miracle and I am very grateful for the help Dr. Lewis has provided me and for introducing me to Daily Brain Care.

Rick ~ Miami, FL

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